What to Think About When Building a New House

Remember back in elementary school when your teacher asked you to think about building a new house, and draw it out? Who knew that you would do so again as an adult? Yet a custom home is exactly that: designing your dream home the way you see it!

Elite Contracting Group, LLC is here to ensure you have the best journey when building a new house.

But before you get started, it’s important to have an idea of what you want! Here are four things to consider as we bring your idea to life on paper:

1. Give Your Kitchen Function and Aesthetics

Whether you’re expecting to spend hours cooking feasts for family and guests or just solitary evenings cooking dinner for one, you’re going to want a nice kitchen. There are different designs to play around with to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. Even different lighting angles can change the atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a stylish kitchen look, check out quartz kitchen sinks. There are many pros to having a quartz sink such as heat resistance, scratch-proof design, affordability, and durability. The appearance is certainly one to spruce up the look of your kitchen.

Keep in mind that Elite Contracting Group LLC is well versed in kitchen remodeling. Check out out remodeling services for more details.

2. Bathrooms Worth Showing Off

The bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in a house. Therefore, you want to ensure that your bathroom is built sturdy enough to last without having to compromise on its appearance. For the most part, people want a modern bathroom that they can show off to their guests.

As a creative in your very own house-building project, you have the chance to play with tile formations and designs, colors, bathtub location, single or double sinks, and more.

Whether you are building from scratch or remodeling, Elite Contracting Group LLC takes great care while working in your home. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities!

3. Don’t Forget the Landscape!

Designing your new house is important, but don’t forget the backyard! We all love the classic, green lawn with fluffy grass that’s thick enough to nap on.

One of the choices you make when building a new home is the lot it will be built on. This lot gives you an opportunity to create a backyard from scratch. Plus, you get to flesh out the details. There really are endless possibilities for designing your backyard.

From waterfalls to illustrious yards designed for entertainment, there really is no limit to how you choose to create your backyard. You can tailor the details to your desires whether you’re a nature lover or someone prone to many barbeques with friend and family.

4. Remember to Keep the Weather in Mind

In Florida, it isn’t uncommon to encounter thunderstorms and seasonal hurricanes. When designing your Florida home, take the weather into consideration. Perhaps you’d prefer an elevated driveway opposed to a flat one to help with drainage.

Not sure what to consider? No worries! The contractors at Elite Contracting Group LLC are highly experienced professionals that will think ahead about these important details. We have 36 years of experience working with clients and exceeding their expectations.

Trust in Expert Contractors When Building a New House!

Here at Elite Contracting Group LLC, we want to make building your new house a fun and easy journey. We offer new construction services to better serve you. You can check out our new construction gallery to get a better picture of our high-quality work. Give us a call at 239-353-4129, and let us help you in building a new house!