Exploring the Playground of Room Colors

The magical pinwheel of room color is anything but visual stimulation.

Colors play with the mind! Room colors have the ability to alter your mood by making you happy, calm, sad, or thoughtful. Depending on which room color you choose, you’ll be inspiring different emotions for those inside.

Let’s jump right into this playground of colors!


Your bedroom is your sanctuary.

It’s the place you retreat to for rest, recovery, and recuperation. The best colors to choose for a bedroom will range on the lighter side. Light colors playoff the furniture in your room. The mood you produce using light colors will depend on how you mix furniture, decorations (like wall paintings), etc. For the most part, light colors will produce feelings of peace which will help soothe away daily stresses.

Choosing the right room color for your bedroom is important because it can have an impact on your psychology and daily life.

Living Room

The living room in your house is intended for lovely get-togethers with friends and family. They’re also for fun family time at the end of the day. Choosing happy colors like yellow with neutral cream for baseboards will give off welcoming tones that’ll leave your friends and family feeling happy, safe, and at peace.

Living rooms are fun to play with because you can choose virtually any theme like nautical or rustic. Include paintings or mirrors for a boost in aesthetics and you’ll have your guests drooling for your designer tips!

Kitchen/Dining Room

Kitchen and dining rooms are incredibly versatile.

You can choose either light or dark colors as either will work in a kitchen or dining room. Pairing dark complementary colors will flesh out decoration pieces.
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Don’t be held back!

Jump into the playground of room colors for this summer’s big project.

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