Best Storage Solutions and Hacks

Finding the best storage solutions is a creative endeavor.

There are so many ideas circulating the internet that it’s easy to be swept into the DIY excitement. We want you to have the best of the best. That’s why we’ve made a list of our top choices.

These ideas are sure to get you the extra space you’ve been looking for. 

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are perfect for storing books or little knick-knacks. Our top favorite is aligning the bedroom ceiling with wall-length shelves. They almost serve as crowning for the room.

These shelves are simple to decorate. You can play around with bookends or lights.

Other honorable mentions are floating shelves which are box frames. Shelves are great for accenting rooms, storing a few books, or displaying a decoration.

Invisible shelves are metal sheets that jut out the wall. Place your books on top and it’ll appear like your books are floating in mid-air!

Storage Beds

One of our best storage ideas is the storage bed.

Storage beds are perfect for kids or for those with many stray items lying around. You can buy bookcases as makeshift bed frames and panels. Lay the bookcases horizontally on the ground and place your matter on top. You can have bookcase storage on all three sides of your bed. For a little extra privacy, you can drill on a few covers to make drawers!

Picture Ledges

Are your limited on space and don’t want to add another piece of clunky furniture in your room? Don’t miss out on having a nightstand because circumstances don’t permit.

Install a virtually invisible nightstand by using a picture ledge! Picture ledges are inexpensive. They provide enough space for your phone, keys, or a pair of glasses.

It’s a perfect fit!

Looking for some extra room?

Delving into the internet in search of the best storage ideas is great fun! Storage can only go so far. If you’re low on room and need a little expansion you may consider giving us a call.

Here at Elite Contracting Group LLC we work to flesh out the best in each house. We work to create magic with the materials we’re presented. Bring us in for a remodel!